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Easy to use input screens The Farm Records and Animal Health Plan is a tool designed to assist WLBP members to maintain accurate and up to date records of animal management. This includes a sheep flock book, cattle herd register and medicine purchase and treatment record.

Animal Health Plan:

The Animal Health Plan tool is a series of easy to use screens that can be accessed via this site.

The Health Plan covers the following enterprises:

  • Sheep Enterprise
  • Beef Enterprise
  • Dairy Enterprise

Any combination of these enterprises can be entered on one Health Plan.

So why have a health plan? The Animal Health Plan has been designed to be a working document that can be used by farmer and vet. Vets can collaborate with you regarding your Animal Health Plan, and pending your permission can view and comment on your online Animal Health Plan. The final product is a comprehensive document that details how you manage your enterprise(s) now and on into the future.